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Who we are

We are a passionate startup team working towards a goal of simplifying procurement process for companies by leveraging technology with a human centered approach. Back in 2015, we were the most loved assisted e-commerce company in India. With over 4 years of experience in managing vendor fulfillment and product cataloging, we ventured in to procurement as a service platform.

Why Choose Us

Led by a team that combines expertise from the technology, procurement and fulfillment, we are transforming how purchase teams procure products and vendors by implementing best practices in the procurement industry.

Market Research
Zero-based budgeting
Total cost of ownership
RFX Management

Reliable Sourcing Partner

We are a one-stop source for every category of indirect procurement.

Our end-to-end service model means clients no longer need to depend on multiple partners and vendors. From day one, we can provide greater assurance and transparency from feasibility through order completion.

Our advanced manufacturing, product sourcing team and logistics network offers a simpler alternative to the traditionally large number of suppliers and manufacturers. Our integrated approach aggregates demand to build negotiating power that benefits all of our clients.

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